Page Cypher

An Ottendorf Cypher tool using web pages as source material

The Ottendorf Cypher is a simple substitution cypher that uses a book or other text as the key. Normally, each letter in the message you want to encode is encoded as a page, word and letter from the key text.

These bookmarklets let you use the text of a web page as the key text. You can then encode or decode messages. Of course, this is dependent on the page not changing.

You can then exchange messages with someone else who knows the key text page URL by sending them the coded message. You could also use it to store secret reminders for yourself.

Cypher Encode Cypher Decode


This only really works on desktop browsers.

You will need to drag the bookmarklets to your bookmarks bar. If you can't see a bookmarks bar, go to the "View" menu and select "Show Bookmarks Bar" or "Show Favourites Bar", then drag the buttons into it.